Social Media Stars Under 25 Who Are Rich For Doing Absolutely Nothing

Since we were younger, we were taught that in order to make a lot of money, you have to work extremely hard. You have to get good grades, go to a good college, avoid racking up debt, get a degree in a good field and save your money basically as soon as you get a job. However, there’s always outliers to this rule and there are people who may be talented at a young age and make it without going to college. Yet, with the increasing popularity of social media and reality TV, it’s clear that people are just getting rich because of their image, their looks, or their following. Today, there are a growing number of people who have earned an insane amount of money, (like, millions), for doing something that requires almost no talent at all. Here’s a few females under 25 who are rich for basically doing nothing.

Tana Mongeau

These days, becoming a professional “Youtuber” can be the fast track to fame if your videos gain popularity. In order to come famous on Youtube, many showcase their talents in makeup, hair styling, art, dance, music, poetry or cooking. This is how one of Youtube’s famous “Youtubers” became famous. Tana Mongeau doesn’t really have any talents, but she’s very beautiful and posts videos with titles that grab your attention and get plenty of views. She has an absurd amount of money in the bank thanks to her following on the platform. She has over 3 million subscribers on Youtube.

Alexis Ren

There’s a good chance if you’re a girl with an Instagram account, you probably know who Alexis Ren is. She’s an internationally famous model with millions of followers on all of her social media accounts. She’s constantly traveling, constantly working with BIG name brands, and she has the nicest clothes. It’s very obvious that this girl is rolling in cash, but how exactly did she achieve all this fame and fortune? She was discovered by putting a photo of herself on Tumblr in a black bikini that ended up going totally viral. So yes, basically she became famous for being pretty. She technically doesn’t even have any modeling experience whatsoever.

Jordyn Woods

If you’re a big fan of Kylie Jenner, or the Kardashians in general, you have probably seen her share many photos with a girl named Jordyn Woods. Jordyn has built up a huge following simply for being known for being Kylie’s BFF. Jordyn has obviously taken full advantage of this fame by creating her own fashion lines, becoming a plus size model, and doing appearances. We don’t blame her, if we had the same connections she does, we would be doing the same thing. It also seems like Jordyn is a true friend to Kylie and doesn’t really use her for all the money. If she wasn’t, she probably would have revealed Kylie’s pregnancy and all of her secrets.


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