Flight Attendant Causes A Scene On Plane After She Does This…

Vanya has been a flight attendant for GoAir Airlines for nine years. Born from a low-income family, Vanya worked hard to achieve the job of her dreams. Her career allowed her to venture out the entire world.

As years went by, she started to get bored with it. Being a flight attendant has downsides as wel. Its not all butterflies and rainbows. Her body clock is in chaos from passing through various time zone during flights, getting up wee hours in the morning to get reeady not to mention all-day shifts and even overnights.

Vanya was preparing for a Sunday night flight to London. She looked at the mirror and smiled, seeing herself in full uniform and ready for work. But little did she know what is in store for her on this day. As she was assisting passengers on board the airplane, a particular passenger was rudely pushing other, other customers through the cabin to reach his seat as if he was in a hurry. One lady was hit on the back, and the other man was almost shoved to a headrest as the rude man walked through. One passenger could not just take it in that he stood up and confronted the nasty man.

Vanya tried to pacify the situation and calmly faced the rude man. She told him to walk slowly advised him that all passengers will have their turn to settle in their luggage and seats. The ignorant man faced Vanya and yelled saying, “I do not care what you all think. I want to get to my seat, and I don’t give a damn to any of you.” To prevent a further altercation, Vanya just smiled and nodded. She carried on assisting other passengers.

The plane took off and reached 35,000 feet. Seat belts were off, and it was time for in-flight snacks. Vanya prepared the food cart with her partner. Her partner distributes the food, while she, prepares the drinks. The passengers were very delighted with her service as she was very accommodating, and addresses every request promptly. Vanya made sure that she won’t turn a blind eye to any of the passenger’s needs.

Then a shocking event happened…

As Vanya was going to deliver coffee to a client, she felt someone touched her behind. When she tried to trace who did it, she found the rude man did it. Out of her instantaneous anger, she took his drink, added more water on it and splashed it to the nasty man’s face. Everyone who saw cheered for Vanya as if it was an achievement of her lifetime. Too bad, the incident got reported to the chief pilot where the decision to turn the plane around was made.

Vanya got a reprimand from her manager but as for that rude man? He received a lifetime ban from boarding and enjoying the benefits of the airline company ever again!

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